☀️📚 Local Children's Author Elizabeth Everett's Chat with My Daughter

Everett's first book, This is the Sun, available now!

By Elizabeth Everett and Shay Brase- Publisher, Macaroni KID Broomfield January 28, 2023

My oldest daughter (12) started reading at a very young age, and would always book in hand if she didn't have other things to do. Through this love of reading, her talent with words and writing came naturally. It is now amazing -and humbling -as someone much older and not nearly as talented- to see what she can put on paper!

We came across a headline that local author Elizabeth Everett had just published her first children's book This is the Sun, and had two more in queue. My daughter was intrigued with the idea of asking a few questions to a "real" writer, especially a local one, so I reached out for an interview.

Elizabeth quickly responded that she would love to answer some questions, and was happy to share her answers with our MacKID readers. 

I'm excited to share the interview between she and my daughter with all of you, as well as the young writers you may have in your own home!

MacKID Junior Reporter interview: Tween Writer (TW) and Elizabeth Everett (EE)

TW: Why did you become an author?

EE: I've always been interested in writing children's books, but as a classroom teacher, I just didn't have the time. This interest resurfaced when I started homeschooling our son, and then COVID hit, so I had plenty of extra time to begin exploring writing. 

As a former mathematics teacher, I found myself naturally gravitating toward math books, however, I struggled to find a lot of books outside of basic counting and shapes.

TW: What was your most fun book to write and why?

EE: I really enjoyed writing Spheres All Year, which will be available in June 2023. One of my original goals when I first started writing was to produce math books on topics outside of counting to 10 and two-dimensional shapes because these topics are already readily available. 

This book met this goal and because we were learning about spheres at the time, my son was able to help identify spheres and dad helped with the rhymes, so it really was a family effort. And, so as not to leave out our dog, we dedicated it to him because he loves all spheres.

TW: How do you turn your thoughts to paper?

EE: Great question! I start by writing all of my ideas down so that I don't forget them—anything that inspires me. This includes both ideas on content (what to write about) and ideas on structure (how to write it/organize it). Once I figure out a way to blend the two, I'll start drafting in a notebook to see if I like it. This notebook is a mess—every page has words crossed out, arrows to move things around, and highlighted thoughts to possibly apply later. If I feel that a draft has potential, then I'll move it to the computer.

TW: It looks like you get your ideas from your son's interests. Is he really into space? What else does he like that you might write about?

EE: Yes, he's definitely interested in the planets and the phases of the moon. He's even more interested in cars and trucks right now, which is already a common theme woven into many picture books. The trick will be finding a new way to do this that hasn't been done before, all while intertwining some kind of curriculum connection!

TWHow did you find a publisher for your books?

EE: I opted to go the traditional publishing route. The team at Science, Naturally has been wonderful to work with. I found them by searching online for publishers who accepted manuscripts from unagented writers. About six months after submitting to Science, Naturally they reached out to say that they liked several of my manuscripts.

TW: What advice would you give to a kid who wants to be a writer? Can kids write books?

EE: Read, read, read—books, magazines, blogs, etc. When you read, you are exposing yourself to different kinds of writing. Find what interests you and inspires you!

Yes, kids can become published writers! 

Check out this link that lists places that publish children's work. Be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully.


Would you and your children like to meet and chat with Elizabeth for yourselves? She has planned readings coming up at the times below!